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Ready-made educational videos for clients

Structured training system with video content

Increased audience loyalty to the brand

from 3 weeks
up to 2 months
Lauch time:
Educational videos and instructions allow to remove the first barrier of clients who do not understand how to use the service
Customer training directly affects their loyalty: if you teach them and provide all the necessary information, trust in the brand is higher
Interesting and useful videos attract new users and encourage to repeat purchases by existing customers
Instructional videos help customer service staff to answer frequently asked questions and make their work less loaded
Selecting channels for video distribution
Uploading video to the platform
Video effectiveness analysis
selecting a studio with equipment / setting up Zoom for recording
YouTube channel of the brand, an educational platform
Shooting and editing video
Finding a speaker (can be one of our team)
Preparation of scenarios for videos
Creating a content plan
Setting goals for the training videos creation, identifying the target audience and its interests
from 1 000 $
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Customers do not understand how to use your product or service
Video content for employees and customers is mixed on the same YouTube channel that causes subscribers' outflow
Customers find it difficult to search information, so they regularly contact support with the same questions
You want to use your YouTube channel as a source of attracting new customers
The company has the same type of videos on various resources, but they do not bring results
You are not experts in our industry, how can you do training for us?
We really aren't experts in your field, but we know the principles and methodology of building a training system. Also, we know how to quickly dive into the specifics of the customer's business.

In order to make the training just for you, we conduct a series of interviews with your employees. If you wish we will call your employees or people from the industry to record expert videos. All materials will be coordinated with you before publication.
What if we don't have a speaker for a video/webinar?
If your company has the expertise you want to share, but doesn't have someone who can prepare an understandable training video and shoot it, we'll find you a speaker who knows how to work on camera and work with videos.
Do we need to train customers and why?
If you have a personal account for clients or users who need to make actions before or after purchasing your service/product, then you need a training.

You may think that your product is simple, but that is not always obvious. Users can get confused about features, characteristics, what's better to choose and, eventually, leave. Also, training videos/articles/courses help to unload the technical support team, as they close many initial questions and increase customer loyalty to the brand securing the company status as an expert.
How much time spending will be required of our employees?
As we said, we may not be experts on your topic, so we will need to interview your staff to understand its specifics, as well as all the needs and pains of clients. We also might need a staff member to coordinate both the pre-recorded content and the final version of the finished educational product (video, article, course). But it doesn't take much time :)
How much do your training services cost on average?
We are ready to name the exact price only after we get acquainted with your tasks and make a work plan. This is because we work according to each client's request. The range of the sums may be from 1 000 $ for optimization of the YouTube channel to 20 000 $ and more for development of the client training strategy for a year (videos, articles, courses).