Employee and customer training

How OUR training helpS your business?

Employees training
Educational content for customers
Expertise collection, preservation, transfer
Internal processes optimization
Increasing the average level of employees' professional skills
Accumulation of internal expertise, its preservation and delivery to employees in simple language
Increasing the rate of newcomers immersion into the work process by 70%
Reduction of recruitment costs by 50%
Easy business scaling
Sales increasing:
Reputation as an expert:
Free organic coverage on your key resources
More requests from new customers and existing ones
Becoming a more trusted brand
Increasing the importance of your opinion in your field
Increasing the LTV audience
Reducing the workload on the support service team
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Training for customer support service
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Educational videos for the European cyber security service
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Creating a training system for B2B and B2C Sales employees
Training system audit for a comprehensive Internet marketing agency
Knowledge base structuring for employees in the digital agency
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Preparing a series of training videos for project participants
Creating product training for new and current employees
Training system for Sales, Support and Business Development employees
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A strong team with wide experience in international projects. We see the whole picture and work thoroughly on the details. We know how to listen to the client.
You are not experts in our industry, how can you do training for us?
We really are not experts in your field, but we know the principles and methodology of building a training system. Also, we know how to quickly dive into the specifics of the customer's business.

In order to make a training just for you, we conduct a series of interviews with your employees, and if necessary, invite experts of your field to prepare the training content. All materials will be coordinated with you before publication.
What kind of companies needs to implement employee training system?
Employee training system is necessary for companies that plan to scale, increase employee loyalty and reduce mistakes in work and processes.
It is also necessary for companies with a large staff turnover (for example, salespeople in retail stores or account managers in agencies), frequent updates of processes, big range of services or products (for example, IT sphere, where managers need to be aware of frequent changes).
How much do your training services cost?
We are ready to tell you the exact price only after we get acquainted with your tasks and make a work plan. Depending on the needs of your company we form a package of services. It includes the cost of work of our agency itself, work of outside experts and cost of necessary software. The final price also depends on the size of your company and the final amount of work.
Do you have any ready-to-use courses?
We have no ready-to-use courses. That is what sets us apart from the rest. We make trainings personally for each client.
We have a clear methodology, tools and our own production. We know how to quickly dive into the customer's processes and create courses according to their tasks, specifics, and interfaces.
We have an LMS, but we don't know where to get training materials and how to motivate employees to take this training.
Then you are definitely at the right place. We will clarify your business objectives (why you need training), conduct diagnostics and several interviews for our complete inderstading of your topic. Based on the expertise you share, we develop training materials in different formats that will help to solve your problems.
Together we create a system that motivates employees to learn, develop a notification system and determine the points from which you can understand if our training and your LMS working, or not.
We don't have our own platform for employee training. Can you help select and make training materials on it?
Of course, because we know the whole market of training platforms :) But first we will ask what tasks you want to solve with the help of training and what are your requirements for the platform. There are a lot of LMS on the market today, so we will offer LMS which may suit your company the best. However, the platform will not work by itself. You need the right settings and high-quality training content that, of course, we prepare for you.
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